• Our people are
    our business

  • 'Culture' can describe many things.

    At Voice, it means our people. From the latest recruit, smiling because she’s just made her first sale, to the execs who initially came for two weeks, but ended up staying for years.

    Our people are our business. So, we want our staff to enjoy working here.

    It’s not just about being in a comfortable environment with breakout areas so you can switch off and socialise. It’s more than developing new skills and having the opportunity to grow.

    We want our team to feel recognised, and to be rewarded. With bonuses and incentives that could see you earning in excess of £20,000 a year.

    We encourage you to express yourself, to let your hair down, to take part in themed events. It’s one of the reasons why our employee retention rate is so high. And why people actively seek us out as a great place to start their career.

    Because 9-5


    a Chore

    Culture Creators

    When you work hard, it’s also important that you play hard. So, that’s what we encourage our team to do.

    We’re always putting on events like monthly supper club nights, charity fancy dress days and summer BBQs. But what’s even more fun is when our Voice colleagues show us how they kick back and enjoy life.

    If you fancy seeing what they get up to, click on the link below.

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    Staff Blogs

    When you work at Voice, it goes without saying that you have a voice - and you should use it.

    So this is where our team get the chance to wax lyrical and lay the world to rest with whatever's on their mind.

    Welcome to our very own Voice team blog.


    It’s important to us that everyone feels confident in their role. And that our clients know we’ve got the best people working on their behalf. So, at Voice we put training at the heart of our business.

    It’s not just a quick blast and then you’re thrown in at the deep-end either. Our training is ongoing. The type where we walk you through, step by step. Where we monitor your progression until you’re ready to be released into a team.

    Because at Voice, there’s no sink or swim culture. We’ll support you all the way. One team, working together for greater rewards.

    And from our clients’ point of view, how we handle the people who handle their business, speaks volumes.

    Staff Development

    We were proud to gain our Investors in People status back in 2010. It shows we’re committed to bringing out the best of the talented people in our team.

    We’re also proud to offer Second Generation Voice, a unique programme for ambitious people to identify the area of the business they would ideally like to build their career in, and via our company intranet, work towards.

    But do you know what else we’re proud of? Giving something more – something really extra special.

    So, everyone at Voice has the chance to be put forward for the trip of a lifetime. A year-long, fully paid sabbatical, with their job waiting for them when they return. It’s an amazing opportunity – the chance to discover somewhere new and exciting. And it’s open to everyone, old and new.