We work on behalf of some of the biggest brands in the UK.


Customers and conversations may vary from sector to sector – and we’re always keen to explore new fields – but one thing’s consistent: using a data-driven multi-channel approach together with our powerful analytics capability, we deliver results.


Or to put it another way, we generate millions of pounds of sales for our clients every year.


5.2 million conversations last year

This year you only need to have one.


Telecoms & Media

With the rise of customer expectation going hand-in-hand with a decrease in brand loyalty, speed to market and quality of service are everything to organisations in this fast-moving and highly competitive sector.

And technology is at the heart of it – creating value for customers and offering brands more touch-points to engage with them.

So at Voice, we don't limit ourselves to just the phone, but use all channels including e-mail, webchat and social media to achieve our goals.

Whether we’re dealing with businesses or consumers, our trained and experienced agents work on behalf of some of the leading names in the industry. Campaign after successful campaign has seen us emerge as a flexible and reliable partner that delivers results.


With the current spotlight from regulators and public alike, and a culture of switching being promoted by the media, customers – both businesses and consumers - expect the best deals from organisations in this sector.

Smart meters and mobile apps are enabling energy companies to differentiate themselves. At Voice we believe that as this ‘buzz’ grows, domestic and commercial customers will research the benefits online, providing brands with the opportunity to engage at lower cost (through webchat and social media) and capitalise on early interest in this new and exciting technology.

For us, the goal of any conversation is to strike a sympathetic chord - so we keep it simple and talk about what’s important to them, not us.

And in this climate, clients more than ever need robust and proven processes with a focus on high quality and compliant sales.

The answer? Through careful planning and transparent operational practices, we achieve the perfect balance - with the longevity of our client partnerships proving as much.


Energy efficiency is big business today. Government support via the Green Deal and Energy Companies Obligation has opened up opportunities for consumers to lower their energy bills through better insulation.

For organisations in this sector, we provide a systematic, targeted approach to contacting homeowners and businesses, assessing their eligibility and ultimately helping them to save money.

We source data, and use profiling and propensity modelling to develop dialling strategies that ensure we identify, explore and maximise every prospect.

And we never let an opportunity slip through the net: So that everyone is included, we adopt a multi-channel technique – using a combination of voice, email, webchat and social media to interact with customers.

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Our activities in this sector are:

delivered by skilled and knowledgeable people
governed by robust processes
effectively and suitably supervised
We are an appointed representative of Capita Customer Management Limited which is Authorised and Regulated by the FCA, to ensure the fair treatment of consumers is at the heart of our business.

Products and services in this sector are often complex and require specialist skill to articulate and a genuine understanding of the market.

Sometimes nurturing a prospect happens very quickly; sometimes complexity means it takes a little longer – so we balance short-term sales targets with longer-term pipeline building.

Whether we are generating leads, appointments or sales, conversion rates are influenced by the external characteristics, as well as our own actions. So we use multiple datasets in the modelling that underpins our segmented dialing strategies. In turn, these improve performance over time as our systems learn about the market, the prospects and the impact of our agents’ conversations with them.


The internet has brought shops into our homes and onto the mobile devices we carry everywhere. As a result, retailers need to offer a smooth transition between shopping online and in-store if they want to retain customers and grow market share.

However, with the boundaries between online and offline becoming increasingly blurred, challenges are presented to retailers looking to provide their customers with the best possible service before, during and after a sale.

For our retail clients, the ability to scale up or down resources to meet volume demands is fundamental to meeting sales targets – and by using webchat and social media channels we give them the opportunity to engage with customers online at a lower cost and capitalise on this migration.


As we move further out of recession, it's a buoyant time for new car sales which are at the highest levels for many years.

It means manufacturers, financiers and insurers are all revving up and going through the gears to compete for a share of both the private user and fleet budgets.

Whether it's keeping the fleet sales teams fuelled or targeting businesses with competitive leasing deals, we play a key role in driving sales with qualified appointments and leads.

We provide a systematic, targeted and multi-channel approach to engaging with businesses, establishing relationships and guiding them through the proposition.

Creating and enhancing data, we use profiling and propensity modelling to develop dialling strategies that ensure we identify and maximise early opportunities. But equally our pipeline management systems mean no opportunities are lost - just because our sales approach didn’t coincide with a customer's buying timetable.

Technology & Consulting

Whether it’s an SME or a large organisation looking to acquire or upgrade systems and software, it is critical to be able to assess a vendor’s proposition.

As the first stage in that process, our appointment setting services connect the technology vendor with the buyer.

We play a pivotal role in generating sales through these appointments and with an increasingly multi-channel approach – voice, email, webchat and social media - our goal is to provide excellent data and a consistency (both in volume and quality) of new business opportunities for our clients.

We're also mindful of the need to provide transparent and regular updates for such a technologically advanced industry. Our proactive, daily reports mean that our clients know exactly what is happening and are involved at all times.

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